State of RAD 2019

June 11, 2019

Though we are often sold into the idea that software development is better than ever before, the measure of better is open for debate. Surely you now have fancy stuff/words like DevOps, CI/CD, TDD, BDD, and more acronyms than there are three letter agencies in the US government. But, for those old enough, there was a time when you could build stuff with just a notepad. It “got the job done”. ... Read more

Enable Wireless networks in Debian Initramfs

December 7, 2017

Initramfs is a very tiny environment in which your Linux system boots in order to do a lot of initialisation magic before loading your system. The most common use case is to mount the root filesystem, like when it’s encrypted and you need to type a passphrase to mount it. Or if fsck needs to run on an unclean root filesystem. Basically anything that goes before mounting the root filesystem and, after that, before launching INIT (you can read more in the Debian Wiki). ... Read more

Nokia Beta Labs Stickers

August 25, 2008

Three days ago Nokia Beta Labs announced they were giving stickers for free (20 stickers for the 50 first ones). Today, three days after, I got my 20 stickers! Maybe they should have send 10 stickers to the 100 first ones, I’ll have a hard time looking where to put so many stickers! Anyway, thanks Nokia

Hobbes in the River

August 20, 2008

This Saturday there was the “Fast Painting” course on Gualba (a town in El Montseny), as you may guess from the photo, Me and Hobbes didn’t spend any time painting. He spent the whole day running on the river with the tennis ball, And I threw the ball and took photos :)

Im 25

August 3, 2008

Just for you to know, I’m now 25 years old!

Moved to Google Apps

July 29, 2008

I started to get tired of managing my own exim+spamassassin+clamav+dovecot only to serve my domain, so I dediced to give Google Apps a try. The move was fairly easy, simply register and change MX records ;) (and use imapsync to copy mail). I guess I didn’t loose anything but If you sent me a mail in the last two weeks and I haven’t answered, please resend. The only downside, I hoped google would have some “easy” way to move my google account from *@gmail. ... Read more

Ip Tunnel Over Ssh With Tun

July 24, 2008

Today I had some connection problems in one of our offices, so I needed to connect in some alternative way. A good moment for experimenting… The alternative connection was my laptop acting as a router connected with my mobile phone via bluetooth. The problem’s come with the VPN connections, IPSec is nice, but you can hate it on lots of things… i.e. all tunnels are setup using static ip addresses so in order to use the alternate connection (dynamic IP) I need to change the ipsec config of the other offices. ... Read more

Wordpress in the Meantime

July 20, 2008

Ok, as you may have noticed I’m running Wordpress. Although I’m a big fan of Django and I really enjoy developing sites with it, I just realised I do not have time to “build” my own website, neither to write up a blog app (I know, there are many out there). So I decided I’d try to live with Wordpress for some time, … That just has a few problems… My server (marcfargas. ... Read more

Ms Excel Help Little Gem

February 13, 2008

We know Microsoft likes to be ambiguous, I just got this on MS Excel Help (In Spanish): Si a1 es VERDADERO o se omite, ref se interpreta como una referencia estilo A1. Si a1 es FALSO o se omite, ref se interpreta como una referencia estilo L1C1. This can be translated to: If a1 is TRUE or omitted, ref is interpreted as a reference of style A1. If a1 is FALSE or omitted, ref is interpreted as a reference of style L1C1. ... Read more

Outgoing connections from Linux not working

January 13, 2008

A friend of mine has a nice MythTV box on his bedroom. Suddently the box decided to not open outgoing connections anymore… I say outgoing because I could still connect to it from my home. I could not find out what was last changed, maybe an aptitude upgrade or did he change ISP? After some time looking around the only thing I could find out was a small difference between a SYN packet send from a remote place and the SYN packets send by the broken system: ... Read more

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